The Importance Blogging for Your Business


Blogging for business also allows you to discuss and review certain products or services that your company offers. If your business specializes in print production, for example, and offers a variety of different printing services (such as digital, offset, and large format printing), you can use your blog to discuss each one of those services and highlight what they are best suited for.

By taking a more subdued, conversational tone you can espouse the legitimate features and benefits of your company’s provisions without sounding excessively pushy or preachy. An informative and insightful, pitch perfect blog post can serve as an ultra effective introduction to your website’s offers while simultaneously conveying a thoughtful and personal demeanor.

This provides your customers with detailed information that is relevant to them, and hence positions you as an honest, helpful, and well-informed personality within the industry, and encourages them to keep you in mind when they approach a new project which may require the services/products you offer.

Maintaining a Blog Helps You Interact with Your Clientele.


This ties in very closely with the branding benefits we discussed above. A well-run blog, particularly used in tandem with social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, allows for you to interact with readers on a more personal basis all-the-while gaining direct insights into the needs and attitudes of your customers.

By providing your insights on a public forum and allowing for reader responses by way of comments, asking questions or even taking reader polls, your are building relationships based on mutual trust as well as running effective client based market research.

Moreover, maintaining a blog helps you vastly increase your web reach by having readers re-circulate your website’s content through social media shares and comments, which in turn introduces your brand to swathes of previously untapped networks of people.

How To: A Guide to Maintaining a Successful Blog


Now that we have discussed some of the benefits of running a blog, lets move on to some key steps that will help get you started on your own successful blog set up.

1. You Need a Blogging Platform

We use WordPress to run all of our blogs at myZone Media , but ultimately your platform is all about what works most effectively for you and your staff.  There are plenty out there to choose from and your selection should take into consideration your personal needs, as well as your company workflow.

We like WordPress because it is easy to use, easy to integrate with the rest of your website, and features a wide variety of really useful plugins such as SEOPressor, as well as a bunch of Social Media plugins that encourage your readers to share and interact with your content.

If you are interested in using a WordPress blog as part of your business, feel free to contact us.

2. You Need Clear Processes

When you set up your blog it is important to crystallize your vision for what you attempt to achieve with it. Make sure that you have crystal clear processes in place that explain:

  • The goal of running your blog
  • The kind of content you want to produce
  • The length and frequency of your blog posts
  • The technical logistics of how to actually update your blog

The best way to do this is through effective documentation. An excellent article on the topic can be found here.

3. You Need Great Writers:

Your blog writing staff is your first line of attack on the blogosphere. It might seem obvious, but talented writers are an essential element of maintaining a successful blog. Remember, providing your readers with interesting and engaging content is your first priority, so you’ll need people who know how to write good content.

If you are looking to invest in expanding/creating a dedicated team of content writers to run your blog for you, you should consider outsourcing. Also feel free to contact us for more information on the possibility of outsourcing your content efforts.

4. You Should Invest in an SEO Plugin

Investing in a good SEO Plugin will help you get the most out of your blogging efforts. We use SEOPressor and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy way to make sure their blog posts are optimized for search engines.

We choose to work wit SEOPressor because it:

  • Allows you to optimize each blog post for up to three keywords.
  • Gives you real-time feedback on immediate changes you can make to each blog post in order to optimize it for search.
  • Is really straight forward and easy to use.
  • Supports LSI keyword analysis.

Final Thoughts on Blogging For Business

In lieu of the many benefits that blogging has provided for millions of sites around the globe, there is no question that it is among the most efficient and cost-effective methods that your business can employ to in order to achieve maximum web reach and increase customer connections.

We hope that this brief guide has been informative, thought provoking and, most of all, has helped send you on your way to making business blogging part of your arsenal. Remember, feel free to contact us for any tips on maintaining a successful blog.